what phil sees outshines the groundhogs shadow

When I came up with the name for my photography prints site, I thought ‘what phil sees’, was kinda fun, it was a play on my name and it is quite literally ‘what I see’, big tick job done.

So I did some google testing thinking what comes up if you type in ‘what phil sees’, not much I thought just some obscure stuff.
No, No, No, pages and pages and pages of that dam Groundhog from Punxsutawney! But I thought, no I like the name I’ll go with it and one day I’ll beat that Groundhog and people will see me on page one of google not that Punxsutawney Phil! Well I am on page one Phil, even with your up coming show.

So the reason for this post now is that Mr Punxsutawney Phil is about to make his appearance (Feb 2nd), if he sees his shadow it’ll be another 6 weeks of winter for them.
Live feed here folks: http://visitpa.com/groundhog-day-live-stream/

Now, on Feb 2nd I’m thinking about stepping out in the morning in my Jim Jams and hopefully I’ll not see my shadow so we can all have an early spring!

Note to self: Why am I promoting that dam Groundhog! Love you Bill!

google search for what Phil sees website

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