Typography takes over your gallery walls with new designs at what phil sees.

As some people might know I’m a graphic designer at heart and with the success of setting the site up I wanted to look at creating more typographical, minimal and humorous led designs, an area I adore and have great enjoyment creating.

I’ve always been interested in interiors and the way things look in your home, this just comes from being a designer, you look at the creative all around you. So I’m really pleased to be creating more styles that people can have on their walls at home. The perfect accompliment to your gallery wall. 

All the new work will continue to be limited edition prints, as I want to make it that little bit more special, and will come in a variety of sizes from A4, perfect for filling those gallery wall spaces, all the way up to A1 for that statement piece.

Oh, and along with the new work, I’ve also given the site a bit of a polish too.

Here’s a link to the prints for you - enjoy.

what Phil sees gallery wall example showing various art prints typography and photography

I've filled in the blanks with a few examples - showing various sizes next to each other.


what Phil sees design typography photography limited edition art prints gorgeous A1 print example home decor

Here's an example of an A1 Gorgeous print which I've put up in our dining room which looks great, love it. I've used a Neilsen Pearl Matt Black Acrylic Glazed frame which I purchased from here.


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