Limited edition cards created for that special message.

Say hello to these new limited edition cards!

In today’s all digital and social worlds I believe the hand written message is even more meaningful. When I thought about doing cards I didn’t want to just look to produce standard birthday or Christmas cards, they’re all great, but I wanted to have something where you’d want to send a message ‘just because you wanted to’. It doesn’t have to be linked to an occasion other than you wanting someone to know you’re thinking about them, they’ve done something or you’re just wanting to give them a little smile. An unexpected card can be a wonderful thing to receive in the post.

Anyone who’s purchased one of my prints knows how I like to write a hand written letter with every order, I’ve done this since day one, I love that it’s something extra for you when you open that tube.

That little bit of thought I believe goes along way, and writing and sending a message in card to someone ‘just because’, is a lovely gesture.


pack of 5 limited edition gift cards created for that perfect message from what Phil sees


I’ve put together my first ‘limited edition card pack’, based on a few very popular or sold out designs that I think make for great cards, and yes these are also limited edition like my prints. I know that sounds a bit strange, but I wanted to continue the limited edition theme and also it makes them all that more special. Each card will be signed and numbered on the back.

So there you have it, new limited edition cards have landed at what phil sees.


limited edition typography and illustration gift cards created by what Phil sees


This card pack is now available on the site and is limited to just 30. click here.

The cards are based on the print designs: hello you / yum / gorgeous / I swear by CMYK (upper) and a special version of first rodeo.

Each card pack comes with 5 (A6) sized cards complete with a white flap envelope.

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