Activity time with big kids, little kids and adult kids as well!

These are indeed strange times we're in and so a huge number of you will be staying inside with the kids. So I've created these activity sheets as something extra to do with your kids (though I think and hope you'll be doing some as well!). These all take inspiration from my designs and prints, so we've got puzzles, word searches, spot the difference, colouring in and some 'get creative' ones and of course the maze is in there as well. I've also added some challenge times on some of the pages for those of you who really want to get stuck in!

I haven't created these with any one age group in mind, so some will work better than others, but download them and have a look. Just enjoy them and have a little fun. We all need some of that. 


activity stay at home stay safe what phil sees limited edition typography prints

some page examples shown above.



kids activity time (volume one) 8 MB

kids activity time (volume two) 9.2 MB

Each volume is 12 pages, and I've designed them so they're all just black and white to save on your printer ink. All you need are some pencils, pens and one of the pages needs scissors to cut out some squares.



SPECIAL 'GROWN UPS' VERSION (with a few naughty words). 

Taking inspiration from my very popular 'hidden language' prints I've created this special adult version of activity time! Please note there is swearing so please keep away from the kids! 

 DOWNLOAD HERE (contains swearing)

adults activity time (volume three) 8.2 MB

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